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UFO X-CONCEPT Chest Protection in Black – UFO Motocross & Enduro Body Protection.

When designing and making the UFO X-Concept Chest Protection, the UFO Plast designers made use of their knowledge of the human body’s ergonomics and examined case studies of motocross trauma.

The UFO Chest Protection collection is all certified and each item has met or exceeded EN1621 requirements. This certification ensures that the protections absorbs shocks, impacts – by simulating the same in the laboratory (which, for example would be like hitting the protection against a wall or pavement).

UFO’s Motocross Chest Protection has become more and more successful over the last 40 years due to three very important factors, the pursuit of style, the choice of material and a meticulous attention to quality.

But in addition this success has also been achieved from UFO’s love and dedication of the sport, with their products reaching the winning post on numerous occasions and at all levels, from beginners to World Champions in Motocross and Enduro, making them a very important manufacturer and supporter of this wonderful sport.

UFO as used by many top MXGP riders like Arnold Tonus, Zach Osborne Shaun Simpson and may other great MXGP factory riders.

UFO X-Concept Chest Protection features:

  • High quality impact resistant plastic.
  • Padded neck roll for added comfort.
  • Great fitting yet small and lightweight.
  • Adjustable shoulders with plastic protection.
  • Quick lock closure straps provide a secure fit.
  • Features great mobility, airflow and a superior fit.
  • It is particularly suitable for motocross and enduro
  • Available in a choice 5 diffrent colours.
  • One Size fits all Adults.
  • 100% Made In Italy
  • CE Approved

UFO X-Concept Chest Protection CE Approval:

  • Front Chest Protection is EN 14021 certified.
  • The back Protection is EN 1621-2  Level 1 certified.

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