Motul 300V2 Factory Line 10W50 Synthetisch 4 Liter

98.03 Inclusief 21% BTW

For Off-Road use :

  • Low oil film traction at low revolution speed offering increased torque
  • Optimized friction control offering increased clutch grip for better motricity
  • High shear stability offering increased gearbox reliability

For On-Road/Track use :

  • Low oil film friction at high revolution speed offering increased maximum power output
  • Optimized oxidation stability offering increased oil durability
  • Improved engine cleanliness offering constant engine performance

As well as offering higher performance, this new motor oil has an organic base liiting its environmental impact thanks to

  • Use of non-fossil renewable materials
  • Carbon footprint lowered 18% during manufacturing processInhoud doos: 4 stuks

Levertijd 2 - 6 werkdagen! IVM Corona

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