Airtime Bib Mousse Gel 2,5 liter

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Mousse Lube 2,5 liter
Pro Clean Mousse Lube, high temperrature tollerance and low friction. Keeps mousse supple. Suitable for all types of mousse and tyre.

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Pro Clean Mousse Lube is a specially developed gel with super low friction characteristics. This super low friction not only aids the fitting of the mousse but also keeps the temperature of the mousse lower when in use, preventing rapid drying and deterioration and therefore improving the life span of the mousse.

lntroduced in 2007 Pro Clean Mousse Lube has been used extensively by MX and Enduro riders in events such as the Paris-Dakar where temperatures can reach in excess of 43 degrees Celsius and also by the top UK GP Motocross and Enduro teams with excellent results. This is fast becoming one of our best selling products. If you know how to fit a mousse you will know how to use the lube.

Pro Clean has been the market leader in cleaning and maintenance products for both road and off road motorcycle riders across the UK and Europe for over 15 years. It continues to be the product of choice for both professional and amateur competitors in all forms of motorsport.

Pro Clean Mousse Lube Features:

  • Keeps Mousse Supple.
  • Low Friction Mousse Lube.
  • High heat tolerance Mousse Lube
  • Suitable for all types of Mousse and Tyre
  • Extensively tested
  • 2.5L tub

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